Designing Your own Jewelry Calgary

I don't know but I think it is so fantastic that someone can go in and design their own jewelry based on a design they like.  Also if you contacted you could make arrangements to design right from scratch or design based either in person or over the net.  

I'm just starting blogging and actually don't have a clue if anyone even see's these blogs since they're on my website that I'm not even sure people look at LOL.  But, I love it and am really getting into this whole social media thing.  Productive or not :)  

So, take a look at this picture and then click and it will open up into a page where you take control.  Think about your budget for luxury items such as jewelry and change the shape, the size, the type of gemstones for the center and the sides, and even change the color and karat of the gold.  It's so super!!!!  Enjoy