Design Your Own Jewelry online Virtual Try On Jewellery Shop online

Try and Buy, Have Fun playing with jewelry and how it will look like on YOU

When you are in the program there is the option to download your picture from your webcam OR if it is for someone else you can download their picture and try the jewelry on them - then - you can save that picture or share the picture. 

There are a limited number of items up right now but that these will be rotated every 3 months or sooner to try on a new set of items. The goal however, is to put hundreds of items up there, again another detail to be ironed out.

  1. Tip number one - you can resize the jewelry to fit the way you want using the resizing slider. Recomend making the item larger so you can see how great it looks in a larger view, then Click on it down in size to fit the avatar.

  2. Tip number two - hold down the ctrl key on your keyboard and use the scroll, scrolling up will zoom as much as you want so you can clearly see smaller objects such as stud earrings, fine bracelets or necklaces.

  3.  Tip number three - You can pile necklaces upon necklaces for a stacked view. To remove the jewelry there is a little black X, click on that black x to remove jewelry from avatar.

  4. Tip number four - Just a note that when you press the order now cart you will be taken to a page to order the item. At this time you have to go out and click on it again to go to the quote page which is part of AcmeGem Sales and Appraisal Showcase catalogue page and you request a quote. 

  5.  Tip number five - At this time You need to re-click on the Virtual try on tab to be taken back to the page.  AcmeGem just want you to have some fun and are excited to give you something to play with.

  6. Tip number six - Clicking on the Shop tab will take you to the Jewelry Store where you can also purchase the items.

Have Lots of Fun with all hope for Beauty for Peace through jewelry and jewelry design. Don't forget AcmeGem Sales and Appraisals is a jewelry store in calgary and offers online shopping for gems, jewelry and creates beautiful designs, and much more!!  If you like this, check the rest of our website out. 

Please give us feedback so we can continue to try to make this a great experience, we need your feedback to improve, you may think of something, or see something that we don't so please we really need you - Go to the contact page and fill it out leaving your comments, we are looking for constructive ideas. Thank you and hope you have fun.