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Besides an enormous collection of great jewelry setting AcmeGem also offers the option of designing your own ring.  We have a collection of Gemstones that you can peruse and choose what kind of stones you would like in your setting option.  Our jewelry shopper service and gem shopper service is a must for everyone!!  We are here to help and make the purchase of an expensive, meaningful gift easier and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment and confidence.  Our appraisal services are conducted as an independent appraisal service.  State of the art, highly professional software is used and the appraisals are done by highly respected appraisers.  AcmeGem partners with various Wedding Planners to offer this service. We also give gem round table services which gives the gemstone lover a chance to handle gems, choose their special gemstone and then have it set into a significant piece of customized jewelry.

Purchase Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, South Sea Pearls

We have a large assortment of gemstones for sale, including fabulous South Sea Pearls from Australia, Rubies from Northern Thailand (Mai Sai), Sapphires from Australia and Thailand, fabulous natural Peridot from Thailand, Emeralds from Columbia and Diamonds from India, Thailand and through diamond brokers. Beautiful natural Opals, Andamooka Opals, many colors of Tourmaline including Watermelon Tourmaline. There is a limited supply of these gemstones.  These are high quality gems with a higher grade of saturation and hue than commercial stones, some of the gems such as Morganite are fancy cuts just waiting for you to design a piece for them.  Our Australian South Sea Pearls are large and not drilled, the pearls are perfect for one of a kind pearl rings.

AcmeGem also provides a huge range of good quality, affordable gemstones that fit any of the fabulous Stuller settings that you may fall in love with!!  We also offer the fabulous romantic Gem Round Tables as well as in depth courses on colored gemstones, pearls, opals and diamonds.  Enroll in the wonder of gems.

Get excited about the luxurious, romantic colored gemstones, the romancing of the stone.  Colored stones are the last adventure, romantic product out there.  Know the history the lore, country of origin. 

Absolutely rare and beautiful gemstones and pearls

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Romantic gems and jewelry to make you feel fantastic

Every Color in the Rainbow

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AcmeGem Gem Appraisal Service and Jewelry Appraisal Service IN CALGARY ALBERTA

Our Appraisal service is second to none.  The appraisals are done by an independent appraiser whether the item to be appraised is for insurance purposes, re-sale or personal use.  Industry appraisal standards are used.  All appraisals can be done on-site, while-you-wait.  Click on the image to see an example of the type of appraisal you would receive.

It has come to our attention that there are many posts out there talking about how appraisals for Insurance purposes or appraisals for personal interest are useless because they are not a true value .  It should be noted that the purpose and reason for the appraisal also helps to determine the value.  All values are judged on "fair market value".  These numbers change with the purpose.

Design Your Own Jewelry

Let's sit down and discuss what kind of jewelry you would like.  Using Counter Sketch will allow us to visually bring your dreams to fruitation!!  Click on the image to see an example of our counter sketching.

Jewelry  (Jewellery) Shopping Consultation

No time, confused about what to buy, confused about the quality and the value of what you are buying.  We will discuss the qualities, personality of whomever you want to buy the item for and then we will present you with a few different scenarios and you can add your individual finishing touches on the product by choosing the one you feel is the best fit.  


What is a Jewelry Shopper

There are times when you have an idea what you want, or, maybe no idea at all.  Perhaps you need help with a decision on what to purchase for a loved one, a friend, a family member.  We can help by offering you a jewelry consultation service unlike any other service you have experienced before.



We can get together and design a jewelry piece, or, in the case of purchasing an engagement ring for that special someone.  Give us a call and we'll determine what would be the best fit through personality discussion.  It is hard for many people  to pick out jewelry, whether it is fashion jewelry or engagement jewelry primarily because most people don't really know much about jewelry or gems and usually get their prompt from either their partner or whoever it is that they want to buy the jewelry for (think graduation, engagement, valentines etc.) so when they need to make this big move they don't know what they are getting.

Let us help you!!  Others just need to be educated on how to get the best item for the best price and not get "swindled" due to a lack of knowledge on gems and jewelry.


    Gemstones can be ordered through AcmeGem Sales and Appraisal Corporation.    


Gemstones can be ordered through AcmeGem Sales and Appraisal Corporation.


Choose your own Mounting and use your own gems or pick out the gems through AcmeGem Sales and Appraisal Corporation

Choose your own Mounting and use your own gems or pick out the gems through AcmeGem Sales and Appraisal Corporation